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Come and ride this wonderful Miniature Railway, the track winds through the picturesque surrounds of Elgar Park. The Clubhouse and Track are located on the corner of Belmore and Elgar Roads Box Hill, Melways reference Map 47, Grid B4. Public parking is available off Belmore Road, run times are from 11am until 4pm, see Public Run Timetable for the next Public Run date. Ticket prices are $3.00 a ride, Please Note that Steam trains will not run on days of total fire ban, services will be run using internal combustion powered trains only. 

In the Interest of YOUR Safety

Please Note that alcohol is not permitted in the grounds. Train passengers are required to wear fully enclosed footwear, keep their feet on the footboards, sit up straight and follow directions given in the interest of safety whilst riding. Use of video cameras on moving trains is not permitted. Intending passengers should consider the small gauge of the railway and not ride backwards, or across two carriages or with a medical condition that affects balance, or otherwise do any thing that may cause instability to the train. Be aware that steam engines are hot, emit smoke and steam and sometimes cinders, it is not advisable to wear your Sunday Best! Due to Insurance requirements, NO open toe shoes, sandals or thongs are permitted to be worn on our trains.



The Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway Society, is a group of Miniature Steam Railway enthusiasts, whose founding members joined forces to build and maintain a dual gauge ( 5 and 7 1/4 inch) Miniature Railway. The one and a quarter kilometer of track, winds its way through a picturesque, landscaped area of Elgar Park, on the corner of Belmore and Elgar Roads, Box Hill, Victoria, Australia.

The Society was formed in October 1981 and work on the site commenced in March 1983. By September 1983 the Mayor of Box Hill was able to open the Clubroom and Engine Shed. By October 1985 sufficient track had been laid and site works completed to enable the railway to be opened for Public running.

The trains that are featured in the Locomotive Register are, for the most part, constructed by the Society's Members in their spare time over a period of many years. The locomotives operating on the Box Hill track are mostly powered by steam, but petrol, diesel and electrically powered units are also to be seen.

The Society is a non-profit organisation and its Members provide their labor in a voluntary capacity.  Proceeds from fares charged on Public Run days are used to administer the club, improve and maintain the railway and to assist Charity groups mainly within the City of Whitehorse.

The Society's Members are drawn from all ages and walks of life. Its various activities provide not only recreation, but also the opportunity to exercise rarely used skills and develop new ones. There is something for everyone, from gardening, to skilled metal machining, to selling tickets, to locomotive driving.

The hobby of Miniature Railways provides considerable enjoyment and satisfaction, and the Society welcomes new Members who are willing to assist in the maintenance and running of its railway.


Proudly Supported By The Rotary Club Of Balwyn